Glass Fencings

A swimming pool your house keeps your family active. It adds fun to your life. But it can also be dangerous as children may get drowned when they fall into the pool accidently. It is necessary to provide fencing around the pool to avoid accidents. In Australia, the pools are inspected, and so they are provided with a Pool fencing Brisbane. There are many choices available for the pool fencing. Glass fencing is one of the best choices available. highlights the different options available in the market or pool fencing. This article serves as a guide and educates you on the basics of glass fencing for pools.

Regulations For Safety
The fencing provided should be more than 1.2m high. It must not contain any gaps in between the fencing. The material of the fencing should be strong enough to withstand extreme conditions.

Frameless Fencing
Frameless glass fencing is a fantastic option as it showcases the pool and the entire surrounding without any hindrance. The individual glass panels are quite expensive as they are thicker. The thickness is about 12mm. The thickness depends on the engineering requirement of the design. Frameless glass fence is one of the elegant fences available.

Semi-Frameless Fencing
This fencing comes with a wooden or metal railing in-between the glass panels. This type of glass fencing is less expensive than other materials The glass need not be thick has it includes a support. Semi frameless glass fencing obstructs the view.

Installation Made Easy
The installation of the glass fencing can be done by Professionals. It can also be done by you as the setup procedure is very easy. Plan on the area required for fencing with glass. Take the accurate measurements and purchase the required materials. Consult an expert on the type of material and the thickness of the glass.

The best Glass Fence
Buy glass which is of good quality. The design of the glass fence should match with your pool. Ensure to have a self-locking door which adheres to the safety guidelines.

The above are the basic guidelines for using glass fencing for swimming pools.