It could be a fully framed shower screen for the bathroom or an emergency replacement, has a rich history of glassmaking as readers in point out. There are varieties of door types like a laminated glass to frosted glass, and services like installation of security screens and doors that are offered by the dealers in glass products.

When it comes to choose mirrors for a bathroom, not many are open to the idea of experimenting with ideas. Older homes designed decades ago have a simple bathroom as it was considered a place to freshen oneself. One would exit from there at the earliest to make room for others. These days, a bathroom speaks volumes about the individual styling choices. It is a place to relax tired nerves and enjoy a bubble spa to rejuvenate the senses.

Light and space enhance a modest looking bathroom. If you are not comfortable with the idea of renovation, few ideas will add a personalized touch to your bathroom.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
We are not suggesting that you ask the mirror who is the fairest of all. Common logic says that a mirror is required in the bathroom for your personal habits like shaving, plucking hair or styling yourself. Place an extra mirror opposite the window or close to a light source, so it reflects the light from the surface. This increases the perception of space and makes the bathroom appear bigger.

Shiny Surfaces
A mirrored tile on the wall creates the same effect as a regular mirror. They are bit expensive but take into consideration the fact that you won’t have to frequently switch on the light owing to the presence of extra light in the bathroom.

Paint The Walls
Olden bathrooms do not have tiled floors, and they can be painted with a new, lighter shade of your choice. White ensures that the bath area looks neat and tidy and enhances the idea of space. You can repaint the ceiling with white and note the difference later.

Shower Wall
Replace the wall shower with glass to enable light to fill the entire bathroom. By eliminating solid walls, there are no shadow formations, and this makes the area look spacious.

Dramatic Mirrors
Set up a visual focal area or space by including an oversized mirror. Add a frame around it and set it up at a convenient place. They reflect light falling on them and gives an illusion of height. If your bathroom has a low ceiling or it is small compared to other rooms, you can use this trick to change the dynamics of the bathroom.

Cover Two Walls
If you are game for innovative techniques, try this idea for your bathroom. Use mirrors on adjoining walls to increase the feeling of space, and it is fun to play with multiple reflections. This adds to the glam factor of the room and instantly gives your mood lift.

Hide Storage Space
If you want to conceal the storage space in a small bathroom, you can place a mirror in front of it. Apart from its intended function, you can hide the storage space behind the looking glass. Get a custom-made mirror or choose from the available ones online.