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If you are heading for some serious off-roading or thinking of carrying a huge load on your vehicle, then you will probably need to work a bit on improving its suspension. Chances are you will find your vehicle unable to carry the heavy weight or tackle the obstacles that come up in the way when you choose to go down the less travelled path. A good lift kit can save the day for you. Get a fair idea about the right size of lift for your vehicle from

The auto experts at have given the following useful insights about the parts that come together to create an ideal lift kit for you. Knowing your lift kit parts are going to be a great help for you to choose the right one to serve your purpose. Determine your requirements and select the lift size that will fulfil those requirements. Let’s get started!

Most people think that it is the spring that plays the major role in offering a good suspension. But, the truth is that they only play a supporting role in helping the shock absorber do the real task. They are designed to surround the shock absorber in order to provide additional stability to it. It also decides how far up from the ground your vehicle would be held.

Most 4 Wheel Drives (4WD) have “leaf springs” which essentially does the same job, but connect more directly to the wheel. These heavy duty springs offer more resistance to shocks and bumps and will also firm up the suspension as well as the steering of your vehicle. This can be good news as far as responsiveness, handling and durability are concerned, but will cost you some riding comfort.

Shock Absorbers
The credit of absorbing most of the shocks your vehicle is subjected to goes to shock absorbers, though spring usually gets away with a lot of credit. Its tube is filled with gas and oil which gets compressed as you ride over rough surfaces. The shock absorber will convert the kinetic energy your car and spine would have been impacted with (in the absence of shock absorber) into heat energy which gets dissipated. This results in a smoother ride for you.

Many kits come with ‘Ready Strut’ shocks that are pre-assembled set-ups with springs, shocks and mounts – all assembled and ready for you to just install. It can be really helpful if you are planning to install the kit yourself as assembling these parts require a particular machine. These heavy-duty shocks do a good job of absorbing high pressures for a prolonged period but offer a less comfortable ride in return.

These help in keeping the various parts of your suspension from touching each other. It is commonly made of tough but light materials like polyurethane that helps to reduce the impact of shocks and bumps on your entire suspension system. These small parts keep everything firmly in its place and prevent them from grinding up against each other.

Finding the perfect balance between these parts is the key to finding the ideal lift kit for your vehicle.