Removing blocks from a tub drain could be an easy process provided you have the right tools in hand. A plumber’s snake is made of metallic wires that are coiled to form a helix shape. There are hand snakes as well as powered snakes to remove a lightweight obstruction. Here you go with the procedure on how to snake a tub drain.

The process flow to release a clog
You can use either a regular snake or one that is powered by K-50 motor. It is essential to unfasten the screws to open the overflow plate. Beneath that you can gain access to the line connecting the bathtub’s drain. About seven inches of wire must be pulled out for a powered snake. Then move the snake into the drain. It is necessary to fit the set screw to enable cranking in a powered snake. Rotate the handles of the snake clockwise as you move through the tub drain.

Keep moving the snake till you reach the block. If you are using a regular snake, then the set screw should be loosened. Then draw more cable and fix the screw back. Always make sure to move in the clockwise direction. As you unclog, remove the snake out. Now loosen the screw to put the cable back intact in its place. If you are not able to pull the snake back, then do not attempt to reverse the direction. If you rotate it anticlockwise, then the loosened clog could remain in the drain.

Finally, make sure to run hot water to remove any remaining clog or debris in the tub drain. The snake used in the process would be contaminated. It is therefore essential to clean the head of the snake to prevent your bathroom from getting soiled. Make sure to wash the dirty water splashed around the surroundings. Hope these tips would be of help in unclogging a bathtub drain.