boots-mens1-600x300Yeah, we’ve all heard the old adage- Better to be safe than sorry. But, how many of you guys out there take that proverb seriously enough and apply it when you go off to work? More so if your job entails a lot of risky physical work, like that of a construction worker or a factory employee working at a heavy industry. People undertaking such jobs ought to know that the best protective gear worn at the work-site could mean the difference between life and death.

Many times, people make the common mistake of wearing only a hard-hat or a helmet, as this ensures safety from objects falling on their heads. But, such objects needn’t just land there. In fact, more often we find people visiting the Emergency-room at hospitals to treat foot injuries that were caused by accidents like falling tools or even bigger machinery. Such injuries are avoidable to a great extent, had the victims bothered to wear protective work-boots! And, one of the best ones are the boots that are found at If you want more proof of its popularity just try clicking work boot worx. The number of guys using these work-boots is simply astounding! Did you know that a simple toe-injury could results in 7 days of excruciating pain and loss of pay? It’s all here at

Now, before you venture out to get yourself a sturdy pair of boots, just heed a few words of advice that have been briefly outline below. Use them judiciously while selecting the pair of work-boots for yourself. And be sure to recommend the same to your work-mates.

Tip 1: Ouch! This shoe is pinching my foot!!
Okay, so have heard this one before. The pinch occurs because there isn’t enough space near the front of the boots, to accommodate all five toes. Meaning, you’ve either:
a) Bought the wrong size, or
b) Bought the wrong fit.

Either ways, this boot is not going to let you walk, without reminding you of their presence. Return them promptly to the store, and buy the next size that fits you.

Tip 2: Darn! My boots are ruined thanks to this downpour!!
Oh Dear! Did you walk in the rain wearing those boots? You really should have checked if they were weather-proofed before you did that. Many people fail to realize that weather-proofed boots are essential to avoid the chances of getting them ruined. Also it ultimately adds to the protection it offers to your precious feet.

Tip 3: There are so many varieties, how the heck do I choose the right one?
Just decide according to the type of work you normally do! Recall your regular work-environment. There are the usual thick leather boots that might be best and sufficient if you are only engaged in regular outdoor jobs. Are you an electrician? If so, you will need boots with better insulative properties. Also look out for the models that have additional safety features like thick soles, steel toes, etc.